Nothing better than enjoying winter with good coats that not only protect you from the cold, but are also comfortable, timeless, and go with different looks. In addition, many coats can last for several years without losing style and quality. Below, check out some of the “must-have” styles in your closet that will accompany you for several winters.

Trench Coat

Before it was known as a classic and elegant coat, did you know that the trench coat was created during the First World War? Yep, this coat was originally developed for British Army officers and was worn in trenches to protect them from the cold and rain.

Therefore, this long coat is super warm and its fabric is resistant and waterproof. Sophisticated and elegant, the trench coat is perfect for formal and elegant outfits, combining comfort, style, and of course, keeping you warm on cold days.

Puffer Jacket

Fully padded, the puffer jacket is a great option to protect yourself from the wind and cold. Despite its bulk, this model of jacket is super light and is usually made of synthetic and waterproof fabrics.

With a matelassé seam, this wide jacket forms buds and can be worn over other jackets, such as wool or knit, ensuring modern and even sophisticated looks.


Camila Coelho Collection Florencia Moto Jacket

Printed, colored or neutral, “plush” jackets are made of faux fur and have a fuzzy texture, inside and/or outside, making them cozy and making any look warmer and more stylish.

Tips for choosing the best jacket

When choosing a winter coat (or several), pay attention to the fabric and materials in its composition. Did you know that some fibers are more porous and let the wind pass through? This is the case with cotton, for example. Meanwhile, others more effectively block the cold from entering, such as polyester.

Also, make sure that the jacket is wind and rain resistant or 100% waterproof and windproof. This will prevent your body from losing its natural warmth, as well as keeping you warm.

The lining of your coat will also make all the difference in cooler temperatures. A plush lining or thermal fleece are ideal for body warmth and comfort. Also, will you choose a coat with or without a hood? If you don’t want to wear a beanie, a hooded coat can be important to keep you warm.

So, which coats are you wearing a lot this winter?