Grabbing a ride with Chanel for my first official event after the birth of baby Kai. It is a delight to be back, especially with a brand that I love so much!

This time it was to enjoy the Chanel Cruise in Miami – my new home, with a rich collection inspired by Monaco. The day was sunny and the show took place in Miami Beach, which is at the center of Latin, Caribbean and American cultures.

To honor this moment of the maison, of course I was going to wear their pieces and accessories, right? So let’s get to the details!

* In Style closely followed the behind the scenes of this “get ready with me”!

Despite being a super colorful and exuberant collection, I chose an all black look marked by the classic capri shorts that seem to have come straight from the 2000s – a time when I wore this style of piece a lot.

Ah, the two pieces I’m wearing have ruffle details on the sleeves and bottom of the tank top. I found it ideal for Miami and for this beach moment!

And of course, all the charm of this production is on account of the various accessories chosen. There is a CHANEL belt, earrings, ring, many bracelets and a small bag – all expressing the maison’s logo, of course.

In addition to being a fashion lover, you know that for me, it all started with beauty, so for these details I opted for a slightly more retro side, with a very high and full ponytail. The makeup was done by Babi Moura, who did an impeccable eyeliner with smokey shades of pink, in addition to a powerful nude lip.

What did you like most about this ensemble?