Have you been proposed to and already thinking about all the details about your beauty for the big day? Will your makeup be done by a professional makeup artist, someone you know, or are you going to take a chance and do it yourself?

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Makeup is one of the most important steps during the bride’s preparations, so you need to be attentive to the details of how it will enhance her beauty, last through the tears of happiness and still look flawless for the photos!

Skin Care

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Long before the wedding, it is super important to have basic but essential skin care. Some clinics have protocols with exclusive treatments for brides, but the idea here is simple: consult a dermatologist and strictly follow the basic skincare steps: cleansing, (a lot of) hydration and protection.

Hydration will make all the difference in the result and duration of your makeup on your wedding day, so drink lots of water and use a specific moisturizer for your skin type.

Makeup Style

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Respect your style when researching makeup references for the wedding and also pay attention to the place and time chosen for the ceremony. A well-done skin and the balance between the eye and lip makeup is the secret to a flawless makeup for the big day.

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The wedding is the ideal and indispensable day for the bride to shine… a lot! For this, choose a creamy or powder highlighter and build (little by little) a perfect glowing and shimmering makeup, but always with that healthy skin look.

How to get your makeup to last

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Primer and waterproof products can be your best friends. Primer has numerous functions, such as preparing the skin, closing pores, reducing fine lines, leaving the skin matte or illuminated and even giving the skin a slight hydration. Waterproof products promise to last much longer, even if you cry!

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To set all products and ensure an extra dose of makeup wear, use a spray, mist or setting after you’ve finished everything. Not only will it be an exciting day, but you’ll still greet and hug everyone at the party, so setting your makeup will ensure it doesn’t transfer onto your guests’ clothes or faces.