Part of the skincare and self-care routine, facial massage is versatile, rich in skin health benefits, and can be done with just your hands or combined with beauty gadgets. Whether it’s your spa moment, or just 5 minutes in the day, include massage in your beauty routine – and check out all its benefits below!

What different cosmetics promise, facial massage is able to deliver on its own. With the right movements made with the fingers or chosen tool, this technique guarantees benefits such as: it helps to depuff, highlights the facial contour, relaxes the muscles, leaves the appearance more toned, and even smoothes expression lines. In this way, even the appearance of the face changes and blood circulation is activated.

In addition to the benefits for the health and appearance of the skin, including this practice in the routine is important as it also helps to relieve stress, reduces anxiety, calms the mind and relieves everyday tensions.

For this, before starting the facial massage, clean the skin of the face and hands. You can combine the movements with a facial oil, serum, or moisturizer if you prefer. Keep in mind that the movements should always be from the inside to the outside of the face, as well as upward (lifting!), putting a little pressure on the fingers – especially in areas like above the eyebrows, between them and below the eyes.

Play your favorite music, choose a place to relax and start your facial massage. Now tell me: do you usually use your fingers, or do you prefer a beauty gadget to do your massage?