Wow, we have reached the last episode of the pregnancy series and consequently 9 months pregnant! I never get tired of repeating how these last months have flown by and at any day now baby Coelho will be among us, thus marking the most awaited and special “chapter” of my life.

And to mark this last episode, I couldn’t help but show you the little room we prepared with so much love and all the details I idealized! It took three weeks to complete (almost) everything – there’s always a little detail missing, right?

My priority was for the little room to have a nature theme and to carry that energy. And as I grew up in the middle of nature, I wanted to bring a similar feeling to the baby. Maris Raffa was responsible for helping me choose every detail. Check out how it turned out:

Trousseau, a Brazilian brand that I love, will take care of the crib part, so they will make everything properly customized for baby Coelho – you can follow these details on my Instagram: @camilacoelho

As you can see, we have wooden details, plush rabbits (to represent the beginning of our little family), a super bear that we got from Dior…

Como puderam ver, temos detalhes em madeira, pelúcias de coelhos (para representar o início da nossa pequena família), um super urso que ganhamos da Dior… I also chose to have a super comfortable armchair to breastfeed and spend a lot of time rocking and taking care of my little baby.

And of course, I couldn’t miss a horse somewhere in the decoration! As you know, I love and grew up riding horses – we are even building a beautiful ranch in Brazil, so I wanted to bring this element into the room as well, so that the baby can “train” for when we get to know our future ranch, lol.

And well, the most asked question: “What’s baby Coelho’s name?”, and I decided to tell you only when he is born (don’t freak out on me, lol). But I can give you a hint: besides being a shorter name, it has the letter A in it… Any guesses?

Spoiler: Maybe I’ll record one more video showing our trip to the hospital, the birth and the arrival of our baby. I don’t know yet what it will be like, because at this time we forget everything and just want to be there, living the moment to welcome baby Coelho calmly.

You have always been part of different phases of my life, and this time it couldn’t be different. I was very happy to share every detail of this new journey with you, so thank you so much for following us this far! It was wonderful, essential and gratifying to have you here interacting with me and my family.

And finally, I want to know: on what date do you think baby Coelho will choose to be born?