Far beyond the style, nothing better than feeling comfortable in the chosen look, right? And for today’s look of the day I decided to unite these two points, using some classic pieces and other more casual ones to enjoy the day around!

Shall we start by talking about the cap? I rarely wear this piece as part of my look, but I loved this Isabel Marant model, which is 100% cotton and has the logo embroidered on it. Simple but just as beautiful – and I thought this shade of green really highlighted my skin!

And since the colder days are already here, I decided to wear this cropped blouse by Camila Coelho Collection for Revolve, which is very tight to the body and has unique details, such as this oval cutout on one of the arms and an opening on the shoulder of the other side – which ends up bringing all the charm and differential of the piece, right? I love it!

On my feet, I chose to wear beautiful white Alexander McQueen heels and combined it with this Dior bag! Notice how the details of these two pieces match perfectly and still mark the classic points of the look.

Top: Camila Coelho Collection | Pants: Helsa | Shoes: Alexander McQueen | Bag: Dior  | Hat: Isabel Marant

Helsa’s pants are striking, modern, mega comfortable and still have a touch of sophistication. This pocket detail is super reminiscent of those cargo pants, very famous in the 2000s and following a sporty streetwear trend that is making a comeback now!

This look is perfect for everyday life and for this mid-season that has arrived in full force! Which detail did you love the most and which piece would you like to have in your closet?